About Us

As a physiotherapist you get asked for advice by your friends and family all the time, even by people you’ve just met. “What do you think it is?” “What can I buy to help with the pain?” “What exercises can I do to stop it hurting?”

The truth is, and what any therapist is thinking at the time, that you need to be assessed properly by a musculoskeltal specialist. Unfortunately we do not have the powers to accurately diagnose somebody in 5 minutes and then prescribe exactly what they need.

However, I have realised over the years I have practised physiotherapy that there are exercises and advice I give over and over again. Maybe it’s because similar aches and pains share problems in common: lack of mobility, defficient strength, poor propioception and reduced function.

So  I would advise my friends and family on exercises and therapy aids to target those particular issues. Once their body started working more efficiently, the pain would go away.

That’s when the idea for fisiokit started. To reach people that can’t access regular physiotherapy.

We created a website that provides affordable physiotherapy tools and rehabilitation guides, without making an appointment.

“Don’t get well soon, get well today.” – Physiotherapy Kits & Tips

A message from our founder, Marta:

“I’ve worked for over a decade as a physiotherapist in various countries. Whenever I moved I would still get messages from friends and patients asking for advice. I felt dissapointed with how accustomed to other people “fixing” us and how quickly we dismiss natural treatment such as exercise and education. We often choose an operation or long-term medication over attempting to help ourselves. I can truly say that physiotherapy gives great results, I hear it time and time again and you can easily find the research to prove it in every field. I was also surprised at how much money people where charged for things such as supports, braces, cold packs, tape, etc. They don’t have to be fancy or the most expensive, they just have to do the job well. We often mistake expensive for “better”.

With that in mind, I created this website to offer free information from knowledgable therapists and natural physiotherapy treatment kits full of affordable tools.

I created Physiotherapy Kits & Tips to give anybody that wants it, the chance at an improved recovery. I believe if an individual has the right guidance, attitude and tools, it can be achieved.”

– Chartered Physiotherapist and Member of the Health and Care Professions Council

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