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Hand Arthritis Treatment Kit


Pack contents: compression gloves, two occupational therapy aids, massage ball and heat muscle rub.

Ideal for the treatment of symptoms of hand Osteoarthritis. 

Recommended by hand therapists and Arthritis Research UK*.

*Arthritis Research UK informs on the use of support gloves, heat, exercise, massage and occupational therapy aids for the relief of hand arthritis symptoms.*



Our hand physiotherapy kit includes:

  1. Hand arthritis gloves. Nylon-copper four way compression for heat and support.
  2. Key Grip – Easy key turner that secures two standard lock keys. Provides support for a weak grip and tender joints.
  3. Bag grip – Reduces discomfort while carrying heavy bags. Silicone, lightweight and easily attached to keyring.
  4. Heat balm – Heat muscle relief cream for painful muscles. 40g tube. Suitable for all skin types.
  5. Hand massage ball to release muscle tension, increase blood-flow and improve stiffness. Easy exercise guide included.

Shipped to UK and Spain.

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